sexta-feira, 8 de abril de 2011

31 Day Tumblr Challenge.

    1- What do you think about dreams?

    2- How well do you do around blood? Does it make you squirmy?

    3- What are some things that can almost always make your day better? Do you find yourself having a lot of bad days, or mostly good days?

    4- What are your thoughts on globilization?

    5- To you, what is art? What classifies something as abstract art?

    6- How would you describe the city you live in? How’s your neighborhood?

    7- How would you describe your clothing style? Is there a specific reason you dress the way you do?

    8- What bugs you most about your generation? What do you like most about your generation?

    9- What are you attracted to most in the same/opposite sex? Are you more for looks, or personality?

    10- What are you least attracted to in the same/opposite sex?

    11- What do you think our planet would look like in 10 years? How about 20 years?

    12- Are you into the green movement? Should being enviromentally friendly something everyone should be a part of?

    13- Do you think you’d be able to put together and preform a decent stand up comedy act? What would you talk about?

    14- What would be the hardest and most fearful thing you would ever have to face in your lifetime? Why does this scare you so much?

    15- What do you honestly think about your looks? Do they cross your mind much?

    16- Whats your biggest piss off/pet peve? Why?

    17- Do you believe in social classes?

    18- How would you like your life to change over the next few years? How come?

    19- Do you think it’s better to have a few close best friends or to have a lot of acquaintances? Which do you have?

    20- How has your school life been throughout the years?

    21- Do you ever really learn from your mistakes?

    22- Whats the best thing about being your age? What’s the worst?

    23- Do you care about people living in the third world? Should more people care and do things like donate to charities, ect?

    24- What do you think is the most backwards thing of today’s society? In your view, how could this be changed?

    25- What would be the best thing that could happen in your life right now? Is this possible or just an unrealistic dream?

    26- Honestly now, if you could change three things about you (looks, personality, ect.) , what would they be and why?

    27- Do you get jealous of your friends easily? If you do, how come?

    28- Do you tell it how it is, or keep your thoughts to yourself? Which do you think is best?

    29- How do you think your friends judge you? How would a complete stranger judge you? Why?

    30- Do you keep a personal journal? What sort of stuff do you put in it? Do you care if others see it?

    31- Do you think when you work hard for something you really want, that the reward is worth all your hard work? Or is it better to just get what you want, when you want it?


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